$POODL: The AR-NFT 2.0 Platform. Is this the Next Shiba Inu?

Low Cap Crypto

Crypto- Fanatics Industry wide are taking heavy notice to $POODL Token. A fairly new crypto following in the footsteps of our beloved 5,000,000% increase friend Shiba Inu.

As a chart analyst and fintech expert here at the station I must say I haven’t seen a better chart this bull run. If this was nothing but a meme coin based on poodles I’d be happy, I’m telling you the chart looks just like shibas mid April. 

But that doesn’t even come close to the full spectrum.

We’ll begin with the charity work they are doing alongside caninesforkids.org – helping the community, children and animals alike, as well as donating to several dog shelters and orphanages. 

From there we can move to their revolutionary AR NFT Platform and Implementation, allowing for the purchase and use of an NFT as a wall ornament in the Meta Verse. Just Wow.

A strong community & a stern outlook on tokenomic fundaments make this coin one of this analysts top 3 before the next bear. 

In closing what we’re asking is that everyone take one more long hard look at their altcoin holding before the end of this run. $POODL might just make someone rich, it’s gone up 5x just in the last 3 days!

Remember DYOR, AND ALWAYS CHECK THE CONTRACT ADDRESS. That’s all for me, we’ll check in with you next time!

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